About us

With over 9 years of experience, we pride ourselves in being able to handle the most challenging livestream productions. Without a doubt, there’s nothing we would not consider producing for our partners. Additionally, we love what we do. We’re a passionate about our work. Whether it’s design, camerawork, lighting or event organisation, we’ll make sure our partners can tell the end result is a product of our love for our work. Two of the defining qualities of our team are our versatility and flexibility. Most members of our team are extremely experienced in multiple fields. We have in-house designers, coders, producers, camera operators, audio technicians and logistics specialists. However, when producing an event we will build a team specifically for your event, to ensure we bring the experience and the knowledge you need. While keeping the costs of our service extremely competitive.


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Mobile livestream facilities

Our mobile studio facilities have traveled all across Europe. At extremely competitive pricing, we will always have the right tool for the job. This will contain all necessary hardware and software to fit your needs. Visit the partners page to learn more.

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Static studio facilities

Streamconcepts has it’s own studio facilities in the Netherlands. We utilize our studio space to facilitate logistics and operations. Additionally, our studio allows us to produce content online at even lower cost. Transmitting just a few sources back to our control room over a secure virtual network, merging live assets and hosts into one mixed stream for maximised online presence. We stream directly to major networks like Twitch, Hitbox or Youtube.

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We also offer consultancy to companies interested in creating their own streaming studio. If you’re a game studio, publisher or the likes thereof, we have expertise and knowledge to make sure you deploy a studio you’re looking for. Including sound proofing, correct lighting all the way up to your software needs.

A few of our clients

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Contact Details

Pampuslaan 67
1382 JM  Weesp
06 26720272
The Netherlands
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